Why san diego is the best?

Driven by its young citizens and stunning geography, San Diego is all about perfect weather, beautiful beaches, culture, street art, food, craft beer and nightlife. Make sure you visit the coolest city in America and experience it for yourself. The worst thing about San Diego is that every time you mention you live there, someone will always mention the whale's vagina (thank you, presenter). That little inconvenience is almost as bad as it is for us San Diegoans, considering the year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, great craft beer, and that immutable work-life balance.

While we doubt you need to remember why San Diego's quality of life is unbeatable, we summarize the 15 reasons why it is. San Diego has some of the best beaches in the U.S. UU. And each beach has its own atmosphere.

Ocean Beach is the hippie beach, Pacific Beach is home to the university crowd, Mission Beach is for the more active and La Jolla offers some spectacular cliffs as a backdrop. These are not my words, by the way, although they are certainly very good, but the words of a 1970s advocacy campaign by a then mayor. Here are 10 reasons why life in San Diego meets every expectation of what you imagine in the best city in America, and what it's like to live in San Diego from someone who left Chicago to do it. The weather really is great.

Sure, people here like to complain about anything that's not 72 degrees and that it's sunny when they live in San Diego. This is because this place really has a lot of days that are 72 degrees and sunny. For the freshest of the fresh, visit the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. at 1 p.m., or any of the best sushi spots in San Diego.

A few miles from the Mexican border, it's no surprise that San Diego has the BEST Mexican food outside of Mexico. You're much higher than most of San Diego and you're at the farthest point of the Pacific Ocean, so you can see miles and miles in every direction. Marvel at the famous collections of South Asian paintings, Buddhist sculptures and contemporary photographs at the San Diego Museum of Art. In recent years, San Diego has been investing more in its transportation services and is improving.

But I'll be the first to admit that there are a handful of drawbacks that sometimes make me question my decision to move to San Diego from time to time. I like honesty here, so I wanted to include some reasons why San Diego is not without imperfections. I don't have kids, but there's plenty here to keep them entertained when you adopt the San Diego lifestyle. Relying on public transportation while living in San Diego means you'll add up to 1 hour to your commute.

Thanks to great outdoor recreation, ample sunshine, and beach access, it's no surprise that so many millennials have decided to move to San Diego. Whether you like fish tacos, Tijuana style street tacos or even elegant James Beard tacos, San Diego has a taco for every palate and budget. Even if the weather is too cold to go swimming, you'll definitely have to visit some of San Diego's beaches. Visit historic sailboats and submarines, learn about the technology used to chart the sea, take a historic cruise along the bay and much more at the San Diego Maritime Museum.

I love this part of San Diego as it is much more of a local spot due to its remote location, away from tourist attractions. From my personal experience and that of my coworkers, most locals have come to the conclusion that you can't live in San Diego without a car. What you'll quickly learn after moving to San Diego is that life revolves around the beach in one way or another because it's home to some of the best surfing beaches in the country. .

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