Is san diego or la better?

San Diego is safer The crime level in San Diego is much lower (38, 4) than that of Los Angeles (55,. Several crime rates support the argument that San Diego is a safer city. The ability to walk alone safely during daylight hours shows that Los Angeles (70), 7 is less safe than San Diego (82, 3). Both cities offer the Southern California vibe you're looking for with plenty of sunshine, diverse cuisine and modern styles.

Even though both cities have vibrant cultures, tasty food and beautiful beaches, there is a clear difference in vibes and experiences. Each beach feels different and each dish has different flavors in any of the cities. San Diego is WAY more picturesque, cleaner, greener (literally), with less traffic, nicer beaches, nicer views, and overall a resort-style vibe. And whatever food you can find in Los Angeles, you'll probably find it in San Diego, the eighth largest city in the United States.

SD feels more like a place for families who want to settle down and get a house or something, Los Angeles is much cooler if you're like a modern young person. In addition, downtown Los Angeles has a lot of cool new things, a lot of train lines and great plans are being built to fix the river. Despite having a population of more than a million inhabitants, San Diego still retains its small-town feel and accessibility. Rent is much lower in San Diego than in Los Angeles, and an Airbnb rental is cheaper than other housing options.

However, San Diego is not only full of Mexican food, but there are countless wonderful restaurants throughout the city that are worth trying. For singles or students traveling on a budget, San Diego offers affordable hostels with basic services and many international scholarships. Los Angeles has about 4.4 Democrats for every Republican, while San Diego has 2 Democrats per Republican. San Diego has been considered a military city for more than 100 years, and this is reflected in annual events such as Fleet Week and the Miramar Air Show.

Los Angeles doesn't have the same beach vibe as San Diego, but it has something I can't help but understand that I like better. Overall, San Diego is full of things that are great for tourists, while Los Angeles may be a better city to live and get to know intimately, but it's not ideal for a short stay. Instead of going from one trendy restaurant to another, San Diego diners repeatedly visit their favorites. From birdwatching to whale watching and everything in between, San Diego has adventures perfect for families.

San Diego is proud to have some of the best breweries in the craft beer scene, such as Stone Brewing and Ballast Point Brewing. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a fun, easy, family vacation with limited problems and lots of different things to do, San Diego may be the best option for you. Loved by tourists and residents alike, Balboa Park features 16 museums, walking trails, open green spaces and the famous San Diego Zoo. San Diego is also superior from the perspective of going to the beach, going to the beach in Los Angeles is a hassle and the waves stink in comparison, except in some places that are hard to reach or are full of idiotic localism.

For example, the Museum of Contemporary Art at La Jolla San Diego promotes art from both sides of the border.

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