Things To Do In San Diego, California, USA

San Diego has a reputation for warm, relaxed weather and a plethora of leisurely things to do. Its world-class beaches, waterfront attractions and cultural attractions draw throngs of surfers, sunbathers and kayakers.

Art galleries that appeal to a kaleidoscope of interests and tastes offer a unique experience for visitors of all ages, as do the many planned and impromptu arts festivals throughout the year. The city is also home to a number of renowned institutions that house Nobel Laureates, including UCSD, the University of California-San Diego and the San Diego Museum of Man.

The city's gastronomic scene is a mix of California cuisine and pioneering Cali-Baja fine dining. Local fish tacos, burgers and seafood are some of the most popular dishes.

Japanese BBQ, a DIY kind of grilled meats and veggies dish, is another popular option. Whether you choose to go for a traditional style or something more adventurous, such as kobe beef, this is one dish that you won't regret trying.

Belgian waffles might seem like an odd choice for a Vietnamese cafe in San Diego, but these are delicious. They're made with a variety of ingredients that include coconut milk and peanut butter.

Located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter, this eatery serves up a range of dishes that are sure to satisfy your appetite. Try the triple threat sandwich if you're feeling indulgent or the pork tacos for something simple and filling.

The USS Midway Museum is a top attraction for military history enthusiasts, with exhibits and an audio guide that highlight the vessel's role in the United States' World War II effort. Tours last up to an hour, with plenty of time for exploring the ship and its exhibits.

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