How much is a good salary in san diego?

The salary required to manage the cost of living in San Diego will depend on your savings goals, recreational expenses, and living conditions. You'll find live entertainment and window shopping at San Diego's Embarcadero or at beautiful parks and trails like Mission Bay Park. When tax time comes, San Diego residents will need to post a basic state sales tax rate of 7.25% in addition to their marginal federal income tax rate. San Diego has an excellent public transportation system, with monthly transportation costs that vary depending on the frequency of travel, distance traveled, travel time and mode of transportation.

However, if San Diego seems too expensive to you, consider other California cities that might be cheaper. With its idyllic beaches, family reputation, and mild, sunny climate, it should come as no surprise that San Diego is a popular destination for prospective homeowners. The cost of health care in San Diego is expensive, with health care prices 64% higher than nationals. Obviously, if you spend a lot of time eating in fancy restaurants and visiting trendy bars, you'll need a higher salary to live in San Diego than someone who leads a more frugal lifestyle.

San Diego's stunning scenery and ocean front breezes make it the perfect place to settle in and live in California. With so many things to do in San Diego and lots of amazing restaurants to enjoy, you'll need a salary increase. To give you a better idea of how much of this salary you will have to spend on specific living expenses, we have put together the following guide to living costs in San Diego (which also gives you an idea of the cost of living in California). Housing will likely take up most of your monthly budget, so let's start by evaluating the cost of living in San Diego.

However, as in any city, the cost of living in San Diego will vary wildly depending on your lifestyle and housing circumstances. Despite San Diego's many premium attractions, there are still free things to see and do that will keep your budget in check. San Diegoans consider themselves fortunate to live along sparkling coastlines, with an average of 266 days of sunshine a year. The sales tax rate for San Diego is currently 7.75%, combining city sales tax and county state taxes.

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