Where is the safest place to live in san diego?

If you are looking for one of the best places to raise your children but still get that urban touch, Del Mar Mesa is your best option. Poway is the safest city in San Diego County and one of the 10 safest in all of California, according to new Safewise research. With a total crime rate that is 79% lower than the national average and 76% lower than the city average, Miramar earns the title of the third safest neighborhood in San Diego. San Diego could be considered an expensive place to live for anyone moving to California from out of state.

Home to a relatively small population of 2,024 residents, Miramar is another particularly safe neighborhood in San Diego. Nestled between picturesque rolling hills and canyons east and west of Interstate 15, Rancho Bernardo is one of San Diego's many safe neighborhoods. Because of its proximity to San Diego, visiting Tijuana is a common activity for San Diegoans and visitors alike. San Diego has some spectacular hiking trails worth visiting, but be aware of the associated risks, such as dehydration, heat stroke, and rattlesnakes.

The crime rate in La Jolla isn't as low as most San Diego neighborhoods on this list, but nearly all crimes in La Jolla are property crimes. An adversary like China would seek to paralyze the Navy's Pacific Fleet, of which San Diego is an important base port. With crime rates 61% lower than the city average, Carmel Valley ranks as the eighth safest neighborhood in San Diego. Nestor is a residential neighborhood of approximately 16,126 residents that is located in the southern section of San Diego.

Located in Southern California, San Diego is the second largest city in the state and may be one of the best places for personal, commercial or even military relocation. With a crime rate 98% lower than the city and country average, Nestor ranks first as the safest neighborhood in San Diego. Although it is one of the least known areas of the city, Alta Vista is considered the fifth safest neighborhood in San Diego.

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